Annual Scholarship

What Do You Need to Do?

The Da Vinci Alumni Network is asking you to answer the prompt: 

I am glad I joined the Da Vinci community because...?

As a response, you can either:

  • Make a video (3 minute maximum)

  • Make a photo collage with a brief (1-2 paragraph) description

  • Write a rap/ poem/ song about DV

  • Make a small skit/ movie reviewing your years here

  • Pretend to be a guide from the future, telling someone why they should go

  • Whatever else you can think of...


  1. Final submission deadline is May 22, 2020. 

  2. You may work with ONE other person and split the money ($500 each). You cannot work in teams any bigger than two.

  3. Your submission must be appropriate to turn in - the same rules that apply to any project at school, apply to this application


Send your finished product to:

How will the board decide on a winner?

One student will win $1,000 based on their submission. The DV Alumni board will be evaluating the submissions based on:

  • The message you get across (did you respond to the prompt? Do we understand you key reason(s)?)

  • Creativity of final product: is the final product polished? Does it show some of the skills you have learned at Da Vinci (whether that be written communication, or technology skills)