Elizabeth Conant

Year Graduated:
Favorite DV Memory?:
My favorite DV memory is painting murals on our new campus. My sophomore year was the last year that Da Vinci was located in the portable on the DHS campus. During my junior and seniors years, the DV community all leaned in to make the Valley Oak campus our own. Working with my classmates to paint the murals is a great memory from that period. It was also somewhere around my junior year that the Da Vinci mascot went from no mascot (or maybe a Vitruvian man, or maybe a flying spaghetti monster?) to the Da Vinci Dino. Looking back, it was so cool to witness the school identity adapt and crystallize into something new. Seeing how strong the Da Vinci community stayed through the campus move, and how each member of the school community really gave their enthusiasm to making Da Vinci a great place to be, typifies the Da Vinci experience to me. As both of my younger brothers moved through Da Vinci HS over the next six years, I got to see how each class interpreted and strengthened what it means to be a Da Vinci student. Thanks, Da Vinci for being a great place to go to school!
What have you been doing since you graduated?:
After graduating, I went to France as an exchange student for a gap year through the Rotary Club. I lived with a French family, went to school, and learned the language. After coming back from living abroad, I knew that I wanted to learn a third language and majored in French and Spanish Comparative Literature at Colorado College. I spent my junior year of college living in Granada, Spain and got [to] travel through Europe while I was there. During the three years that I spent on campus at Colorado College, I spent lots of time with friends camping, hiking, and skiing all over the west! After graduating, I moved to Denver and spent two years working in the non-profit sector in education administration at DSST Public Schools. Now, I'm back in school and pursuing a career as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I love living in Colorado, spending time outside, and I'm so glad that Da Vinci prepared me to take on many different experiences!